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RMG Enterprises is Equipped with some of the most advanced Diagnostic test and Service equipment available for Porsches.

Porsche PIWIS Tester The Porsche PIWIS Tester ® is an advanced tool for accessing the many Computer and Electronic Systems on new Porsches. It is an absolute must for all Porsches newer than 2004, and has many advanced functions for earlier Porsches as well.

Porsche System Tester 2 The Porsche System Tester 2 ® is an advanced tool for accessing the many Computer and Electronic Systems on Porsches. It is usefull for all Porsches from 1989-2004.

Snap-On Counselor II The Snap-On® Counselor II® Digital Oscilloscope & MT3100 4 Gas Emissions Analyzer.

Bosch Hammer The Bosch® KTS300(hammer)® is the predecessor to the System Tester 2, but still has many functions not covered by its successor. It's still required to perform functions on C2 & C4 the System Tester 2 does not support.

INNOVA 3140 Scanner The INNOVA® 3140 CAN OBD2+1 Scan tool is a generic scanner with a fast and efficient Emmisions Status display. This tool offers many features but our favorite use is to quickly determine the emissions status of a car. The Red, Yellow and green LEDs indicate that quickly. The Green LED indicates no faults and all monitors are set to ready. The Yellow LED indicates no faults, but not all monitors are ready. The Red LED indicates a fault is stored.

Snap-On Vantage Pro The Snap-on® Vantage Pro® Power Graphing Meter is an enhanced component diagnosing instrument, Vantage PRO meter features a two-channel lab scope, fast ARM processor. Probably the most powerful hand-held component test and diagnostic tool available. Superior to other digital meters, and easier to use and more extensive than any labscope, the Vantage PRO® is in a class all its own. Jorge Menchu, a Automotive Diagnostics Training Instructor once said "If you want to look at pretty waveforms, use a Lab Scope. If you want to fix Cars, buy a Vantage®".

AC Machine The Robinair® 348002K Enviro-Charge Dual Recovery/Recycling/Recharging unit is one of the best available AC Service machines. A built-in microprocessor controls operation for easy, automatic operation of Recovery, Recycle, Evacuate, and Recharge modes of both R12, and R134a AC Refrigerants. The machine also tracks its own maintanance needs, signaling when something is due for service.

Interstate ED-18 Tester The Interstate ED-18® is a Micro processor controlled Battery, Starter, and Charging System Analyzer. With a built in barcode scanner, laser temp sensor and printer, a full and detailed Starting/Charging system analysis can be performed and printed.

Smoke Pro - smoke machine The Redline Detection - Smoke Pro® smoke machine is an advanced tool for locating Fuel vapor leaks and Intake manifold leaks. Presently the EVAP leak size to fix in many areas is 0.020 inches and a leak as small as 0.020 diameter can allow over 30 times the allowable hydrocarbons into the atmosphere then is currently acceptable through the exhaust. No shop serious about Engine or fuel system diagnostics would be without one.

The YOKOGAWA H-10G AC Refrigerant leak detector The YOKOGAWA H-10G AC Refrigerant leak detector is considered by most AC Service Specialists as the best leak detector available.

YOKOGAWA GA500 Plus Refrigerent Analyzer Identifier YOKOGAWA GA500 Plus AC Refrigerent GAS Analyzer Identifier. This unit identifies and measures % purity of R134a, R12, R22 and hydrocarbons, with 98% accuracy. This Indicates the presence of blends and contaminated refrigerants.

911 Remote Starter DL Service System ® 911 Remote Starter Box is the most advanced remote starter for the Porsche 911.

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