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Dan Leitner

Author Dan has more than 29 years experience in Porsche repair, with strong leanings towards diagnostics.
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What to do before bringing your car to RMG

6-16-2018 (revised 3-20-2024)

Before bringing your car in for work at RMG there are a few things you should consider. Make a written list of your concerns. It's not uncommon people forget things once they get to the shop. It is also a good idea to look at the repair order to make sure everything discussed was understood. Most of the work we perform will require a test drive either before or afterwards or maybe both. You should make sure the car is not low on fuel and make sure the license plate has current registration tags. There's also many jobs that require removing the wheels so make sure the wheel lock key or sockets location is known. If the battery is disconnected we may need the radio code to make the radio work. If the car has an alarm system that requires a code we might need that also. Later model cars use an immobilizer code and it would be needed to replace a bad key head or a 993 alarm remote. If you are having a problem with a key/remote we may need all keys/remotes including the Valet key.

If your concern is trying to find and fix a noise you should remove all your personal belonging from the trunk, glove box, door pockets and from inside the car. In the trunk this can be especially important with some work that requires us to empty the trunk. We once diagnosed a golf ball under a passenger seat as the cause of a noise complaint. After removing all that stuff make sure you do not remove the wheel lock key also. If you have a car cover you should bring that so we can keep the car covered when it's outside.

If you are dropping your car off after hours or on the weekend, make sure you lock the car and put the key through the mail slot. If we are not expecting the car, you should let us know by sending an email to since we do not check voice mail when away, but we do check email. If we have room we may be able to come down and put the car inside.

If your car has a dash cam, please disable it for us, or let us know how to disable it while we work on the car in the shop. Also let us know how to enable it again after the work for the test drive.

Check list
  • List of concerns
  • Fuel tank not empty
  • Registration current and in car
  • Locate your Wheel lock key/tool
  • Radio code
  • Alarm code or immobilizer code
  • All keys
  • Remove any extra unneeded stuff from trunk and inside car
  • Car cover
  • Verify repair order

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